FlashPoint_Crystals_300FlashPont carry's a wide range of scintillator crystals, casings, optical glass and sizes suited to specific environmental operating conditions, and gamma ray energy emissions for the medical, homeland security, downhole tool, measurement while drilling (MWD) and low energy physics sectors.

Selection of the correct crystal and the correct materials used for the scintillators casing, optical window, and internal expansion technology will be critical to the long term success of these units. 

Although FlashPoint may not carry all of scintillator crystal types, consider these features when selecting the correct scintillator for your application:

MaterialDensity (g/cm3)Emission Maximum (nm)Decay Constant (1)Refractive Index (2)Conversion Efficiency (3)HygroscopicImportant PropertiesMajor Applications
Nal(TI)3.674150,23 us1.85100YesVery high light output, good energy resolutionGeneral scintillation counting, Health Physics, environmental monitoring, high temperature use
Csl(TI)4.515500,6/3.4 us1.7945NoNon-hygroscopic, ruggedParticle and high energy physics, general radiation detection, photo diode readout, phoswiches
Csl(Na)4.514200.63 us1.8485SlightlyHigh light output, ruggedGeophysical, general radiation detection
Csl(Undoped)4.5131516 ns1.954-6NoFast, non-hygroscopicPhysics (calorimetry)
CaF2(Eu)3.184350.84 us1.4750NoLow Z, high light outputp detectors, a/p phoswiches
LaBr35.063801.9YesVery high light output, very good energy resolutionHigh resolution scintillation spectroscopy, Health Physics environmental monitoring
LaCI3:Ce(0.9)3.7935070 ns1.995-100YesVery high light output, very good energy resolutionHigh resolution scintillation spectroscopy, Health Physics environmental monitoring
6Li-glass2.6390/43060 ns1.564-6NoHigh neutron cross-section, high light outputThermal neutron detection and spectroscopy
6Li(Eu)4.084701.4 us1.9635YesHigh neutron cross section, non-hygroscopicThermal neutral detection
BaF24.88315 2200.63 |as/ 0.8 ns150 1.54165NoUltra-fast sub-ns UV emissionPositron life time studies, physics research, fast timing
CeBr35.2338018-20 ns1.9130YesVery high light output, very good energy resolution, low backgroundHigh resolution spectroscopy, low background applications
YAP(Ce)5.5535027 ns1.9435-40NoHigh light output, low Z, fastMHz-X-ray spectroscopy, synchrotron physics
LYSO:Ce7.242050 ns1.8270-80NoHigh density and Z, fastPhysics research, PET, High Energy Physics
BGO7.134800.3 |as2.1515-20NoHigh density and ZParticle physics, geophysical research PET, anti-Compton spectrometers.
CdW047.9470/54020/5 us2.325-30NoVery high density, low afterglow Slow decay timesDC measurement of X-rays (high intensity), readout with photodiodes, Computerized Tomography (CT)
PbW048.284207 ns2.160.2NoFast, high density, low afterglowPhysics research (calorimetry)
Plastics1.03375-600ns range1.02325-30NoFast, low density and Z high light outputGeneral counting, particle and neutron detection.

To learn more please click on one of the following crystal types that will then provide detailed crystal specification and product information:


  • Scintillators


    A scintillator is used to produce measurable light (photons) that emit after the scintillator has absorbed radiation energy and begins…

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  • Optical Pads

    Optical Pads

    Optical Pads protect the optical windows of the Scintillator and Detector from normal wear & tear and irreversible damage.

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  • Detectors


    A detector is used to count the photons produced by a Scintillator by converting photons to electrons and multiplies (amplifies)…

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  • Heat Tags

    Heat Tags

    An irreversible Heat Tag is used to confirm maximum temperatures are kept within warranty range.

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  • Magnetic Shield

    Magnetic Shield

    Magnetic shielding protect the Detector from background radiation (noise) which may lead to falsely high detector counts.

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  • Voltage Divider

    Voltage Divider

    A Voltage Divider is used with high voltage detectors where leakage currents sometimes result in unwanted "dark current" pulses that…

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