Testing Oilfield Predeployment Testing

Optimizing new tool development and managing costs is critical in today's downhole tool economy.  In the paper entitled "Testing Oilfield Technologies for Wellsite Operations", written by Michele Arena, Stephen Dyer, Larry L. Bernard, Allen Harison, Walter Luckett, Thomas Tebler, Sundaram Srinivasan, Brett Borland, Rick Watts, Bill Lesso, Tommy M. Warren, they deliver a step-by-step training manual for your internal staff.  Here is just a taste of this paper's lofty goal:

Demand for resources is driving our industry to seek oil and gas in increasingly difficult locations.  Operators want new capabilities in downhole tools, but do not want to risk failure of a new tool in a high-cost wellbore.  Predeployment testing has become a critical step in the introduction of new tools.
This article discusses quantification testing, which ranges from components to system integration, and collaborative experiments between oil and gas companies and services providers.  Of particular interest are the final tests and performance measurements made just prior to field deployment or before a customized complex product configuration is deployed in commercial well.

Here is the formal paper:

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