There is a bright future for LaBr3(Ce) in Gamma Ray Spectroscopy!

Lanthanum Bromide (LaBr3(Ce)) are relatively new to the gamma ray spectroscopy industry in comparison to the long history of NaI(Tl) and CsI(Tl) scintillation.

LaBr3(Ce) crystals have shown remarkable advantages over NaI(Tl) as early as 2001, and as reported in 2002 in the paper entitled "LaBr3:Ce Scintillators for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy", K.S. Shah, J. Glodo, M. Klugerman, W.W. moses, S.E. Derenzo, and M.J. Weber:

In our research, we have investigated a new scintillation material, LaBr3:Ce, for γ-ray detection.  Our research concentrated on growth of high quality LaBr3:Ce crystals using Bridgman method, as well as extensive characterization of the physical, optical, and scintillation properties of these crystals.  Overall, these measurements indicate that LaBr3:Ce is a promising scintillator.  It has high light output, fast response and shows good energy and timing resolution. Based on successful performance as gamma ray detector, this new scintillation material can be applied to applications such as medical imaging, nuclear physics, X-ray diffraction, non destructive evaluation, treaty verification and non-proliferation monitoring, environmental cleaning, and geological exploration.

Here is the formal paper:

Download (PDF, 145KB)

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