• Scintillators


    A scintillator is used to produce measurable light (photons) that emit after the scintillator has absorbed radiation energy and begins…

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  • Optical Pads

    Optical Pads

    Optical Pads protect the optical windows of the Scintillator and Detector from normal wear & tear and irreversible damage.

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  • Detectors


    A detector is used to count the photons produced by a Scintillator by converting photons to electrons and multiplies (amplifies)…

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  • Heat Tags

    Heat Tags

    An irreversible Heat Tag is used to confirm maximum temperatures are kept within warranty range.

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  • Magnetic Shield

    Magnetic Shield

    Magnetic shielding protect the Detector from background radiation (noise) which may lead to falsely high detector counts.

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  • Voltage Divider

    Voltage Divider

    A Voltage Divider is used with high voltage detectors where leakage currents sometimes result in unwanted "dark current" pulses that…

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