Optical Pads

FlashPoint Optical Pads

Designed to eliminate wear-and-tear or breakage between two optical windows, normally the optical windows of a scintillator and a detector. In addition, FlashPoint Optical Pads:

  • are reusable;
  • refractive index is paired to scintillator and detector
  • sticky texture provides a no slip adhesion;
  • do not out-gas during heating or cooling cycles;
  • remain in place and stable over a wide range of temperatures
  • provide the required shock absorption between scintillator and detector windows to avoid unnecessary wear & tear or breakage

FlashPoint used polished and prepared trays rather than the "punch and cut" optical pad process.  Punch and cut optical pads involve pouring a tray of optical pad gel, and then using a simple metal punch, cutting them out to the required diameter.  Our Patent Pending polished potting trays (one pot per pad) process ensures that the edging remains uniform and without micro tears which ensures consisted light transfer from a scintillation source to a detection device.

Common sizes and part-numbers:

FlashPoint Part NumberOptical Pad SizeTemperature RangeVolume Discount Range
FPLP-0.50-0.030.50" diameter - 0.03" thick
(12.7mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)5-10, 11-50, 51-100, >100
FPLP-0.75-0.030.75" diameter - 0.03" thick
(19.05mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)>10-50, 51-100, >100
FPLP-0.85-0.030.875" diameter - 0.03" thick
(22.22mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)>10-50, 51-100, >100
FPLP-1.00-0.031.00" diameter - 0.03" thick
(25.4mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)>50-100, >100
FPLP-1.00-0.101.00" diameter - 0.10" thick
(25.4mm - 2.54mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)>50-100, >100
FPLP-1.25-0.031.25" diameter - 0.03" thick
(12.7mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C>50-100, >100
FPLP-1.50-0.031.50" diameter - 0.03" thick
(12.7mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)>10-50, 51-100, >100
FPLP-2.00-0.032.00" diameter - 0.03" thick
(12.7mm - .76mm)
-55C to 300C (-67F - 572F)>10-50, 51-100, >100
Custom Sizes:

FlashPoint can manufacture any diameter and multiple thicknesses.  To learn more and to place an order please contact us.

Delivery Terms:

Above listed common sized are typically in current inventory and can ship within 48 hours of receipt of payment.