Irreversible Heat Tag

Heat Tag Introduction:

FlashPoint uses irreversible temperature tags (min. 29C to 290C) to determine the temperature of the environment in which our components operate.  Our irreversible heat tags are perfect for use with your own components that also also heat sensitive. 


Heat Tag Specifications:
As each temperature maximum is reached the center dot (either silver or orange) turns to silver or black.
heat tagAccuracy:
  • Less than 100°C is +/- 1°C
  • 100°C to 154°C is +/- 1.5°C
  • Greater than 154°C is +/- 4°C
Some quick facts:
  • Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Silver to Black Color Change
  • Change is immediate and non-reversible
  • Oil, Water and Steam Resistant
Heat Tag Common sizes and part-numbers:
FlashPoint Part NumberNumber of Irreversible IndicatorsTemperature RangeVolume Discount Range
FPHT-160-1825160C to 182C (320F – 360F)51-100, >100
FPHT-160-1998160C to 199C (320F – 390F)51-100, >100
FPHT-132-18210132C to 182C (132F – 360F)51-100, >100

If you cannot find the range of temperature you are looking for please contact us.

Heat Tag Delivery Terms:

Please contact us to confirm current inventory and to confirm delivery date based on size of order and location of delivery.  We do accept transportation on your shipping account.

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