Magnetic Shielding

led shieldingMagnetic shielding is a viable option to our standard PMT's by providing a cost effective means of blocking extraneous radiation.

Magnetic shielding can easily be added to your PMT's prior to shipment.

FlashPoint utilizes Permalloy for this purpose.  Permalloy is a nickel–iron magnetic alloy, with about 80% nickel and 20% iron content. Invented in 1914 by physicist Gustav Elmen at Bell Telephone Laboratories, it is notable for its very high magnetic permeability, which makes it useful as a magnetic core material in electrical and electronic equipment, and also in magnetic shielding to block magnetic fields. Commercial permalloy alloys typically have relative permeability of around 100,000, compared to several thousand for ordinary steel.

In addition to high permeability, its other magnetic properties are low coercivity, near zero magnetostriction, and significant anisotropic magnetoresistance. The low magnetostriction is critical for industrial applications, allowing it to be used in thin films where variable stresses would otherwise cause a ruinously large variation in magnetic properties.

Permalloy's electrical resistivity can vary as much as 5% depending on the strength and the direction of an applied magnetic field.

A disadvantage of permalloy is that it is not very ductile or workable, so in our application of adding permalloy as an adhesive rap to our PMT's we've had to work with a higher permeability permalloy by adding additional mu metal. 

Ordering and Custom Sizes:

FlashPoint can manufacture to meet your custom size requirements. To learn more and to place an order please contact us.

Delivery Terms:

Please contact us to confirm current inventory and to confirm delivery date based on size of order and location of delivery.  We do accept transportation on your shipping account.