SiPMFlashPoint carry's a wide range of detectors and optional features such as magnetic shielding and high voltage dividers suited to specific environmental operating conditions, and gamma ray energy emissions for the medical, homeland security, downhole tool, and low energy physics sectors.

Selection of the correct detector and the correct materials used for the detectors casing, optical window, and internal expansion technology will be critical to the long term success of these units.

To learn more please click on one of the following detector types that will then provide detailed detector specification and product information:


  • Scintillators


    A scintillator is used to produce measurable light (photons) that emit after the scintillator has absorbed radiation energy and begins…

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  • Optical Pads

    Optical Pads

    Optical Pads protect the optical windows of the Scintillator and Detector from normal wear & tear and irreversible damage.

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  • Detectors


    A detector is used to count the photons produced by a Scintillator by converting photons to electrons and multiplies (amplifies)…

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  • Heat Tags

    Heat Tags

    An irreversible Heat Tag is used to confirm maximum temperatures are kept within warranty range.

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  • Magnetic Shield

    Magnetic Shield

    Magnetic shielding protect the Detector from background radiation (noise) which may lead to falsely high detector counts.

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  • Voltage Divider

    Voltage Divider

    A Voltage Divider is used with high voltage detectors where leakage currents sometimes result in unwanted "dark current" pulses that…

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