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FlashPoint a history of being first!

  • Quality Control

    Cheaper doesn't mean a component is better! FlashPoint has over 20 years experience optimizing manufacturing and distribution without sacrificing speed or quality.  In today's World…

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  • A World of Firsts!

    In 1995 SBDC had entered into an exclusive rights agreement with GERS, the single largest manufacturer of down-hole tools and component parts in the former…

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  • Inventory Control

    Inventory what you need when you need it! For 20 years FlashPoint has been working with Clients to provide annual bulk orders designed to deliver…

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  • Research Development

    Have an idea that you would like to realize? Provide us with the size and specification for your scintillator, optical pad, or detector and let…

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Why work with us?

20+ years of business!

FlashPoint has outlasted many former competitors by being best positioned for growth and market fluxuations.

FlashPoint has World reach!

FlashPoint components can be found worldwide with Client operations spanning the globe!

Job center

A World component vendor requires a World workforce!

Our workforce spans 2 continents help us expand further!

We are looking for bright minded, independent working, entrepreneurs who can help us identify, service and support new markets in the medical, research & development and well logging sectors.

If you are one of those unique individuals please forward your resume by clicking here.


We are currently seeking:

  • Sales Representative for the United States
  • Sales Representative for the United Arab Emirates
  • Sales Representative for Eastern Europe
  • Sales Representative for Australia
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Scintillation Detector Specialist
  • Scintillator Chemical and / or Mechanical Engineer
  • Photomultiplier Chemical and / or Mechanical and / or Electrical Engineer

Career Focus

Our core products are listed below.

  • Scintillators

    A scintillator is used to produce measurable light (photons) that emit after the scintillator has absorbed radiation energy and begins to "scintillate" (e.g.…

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  • Optical Pads

    Optical Pads protect the optical windows of the Scintillator and Detector from normal wear & tear and irreversible damage.

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  • Detectors

    A detector is used to count the photons produced by a Scintillator by converting photons to electrons and multiplies (amplifies) the photon count…

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