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Quality Control

Cheaper doesn't mean a component is better! FlashPoint has over 20 years experience optimizing manufacturing and distribution without sacrificing speed or quality.  In today's World you need to have confidence that what you are purchasing is what you expect. Quality is more than just a standard its a way to do business. FlashPoint is a…
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A World of Firsts!

In 1995 SBDC had entered into an exclusive rights agreement with GERS, the single largest manufacturer of down-hole tools and component parts in the former Soviet Union.   SBDC had beaten out many Western companies, including Western Atlas, to obtain this license.  The purpose of this license was to permit SBDC, through its subsidiary FlashPoint, to…
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Inventory Control

Inventory what you need when you need it! For 20 years FlashPoint has been working with Clients to provide annual bulk orders designed to deliver just what you need at the time you need it for "just in time" inventory. Let us work with your team to find the inventory balance that you need. For…
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Research Development

Have an idea that you would like to realize? Provide us with the size and specification for your scintillator, optical pad, or detector and let our team provide you with a custom built unit. Research and Development Partnerships. FlashPoint has had a long history of joint research and development opportunities. Our skills in manufacturing, innovation…
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